August Is the One of the Deadliest Months for Pedestrians and Drivers Nationwide

August 7, 2013


According to a study conducted by the Department of Transportation it is safer to be a pedestrian in the state of Virginia then in any other state nationwide. It was reported that less than 10 percent of traffic fatalities in Virginia involved pedestrians. It was stated in the report that in both 2010 and 2011, 73 pedestrians were killed as a result of an accident involving another vehicle each year, in the state of Virginia. This means that pedestrian fatalities in Virginia are holding steady while they increase nationwide.

In the neighboring state of Maryland the percentage was 21 percent and in the District of Columbia it was determined that 20 percent of traffic fatalities involved pedestrians. It is important to know that everyone is responsible for the safety of pedestrians. Drivers, the pedestrian and people in decision making positions are all responsible for the safety of pedestrians.

Most pedestrian fatalities occur in urban areas, at night and involve alcohol, increasingly. Therefore; these areas should have better sidewalks, crosswalks, signals and overall, be safer for pedestrians.

AAA Mid-Atlantic conducted a study which determined that August is the deadliest driving month nationwide. The dates specifically seem to be August 3rd, 4th, 6th and 12th. Out of over 10,000 motor vehicle accidents on the highways of Virginia, there were 5,800 injuries and 74 deaths, making it the second deadliest month in 2012. The first deadliest month in Virginia in 2012 was July. It was the few days before, during and after the Independence Day celebrations on July 4th. In 2011, Virginia was ranked the 16th deadliest state to drive in, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Therefore, if you plan on hitting the road in August make sure and buckle up, drive safely, keep an eye out for pedestrians and children playing outside, try to have the least amount of distractions while on the road, do not get behind the wheel if you have consumed any amount of alcohol and/or drugs, and overall drive with a little more caution then normally.

Worst Drivers By State… D.C. Least Understands the Rules of the Road

July 23, 2013

The worst drivers in the United States have been determined to be in the District of Columbia, which isn’t even a state. It’s the Nations’ Capital and a only district. This was determined by a study conducted in 2011 by GMAC Insurance Company. The study took into account the total number of crashes, the age of the driver, and how well drivers understand the rules of the road in the entire United States. The study broke down the results into 5 different categories, each with a worst state under that category.

According to the 2011 study, the District of Columbia is least likely to understand the rules of the road. Drivers were polled on basic questions one might find on any state’s written driving test and overall it was determined that about 20 percent of residents of the District wouldn’t pass that test. Out of 50 states and one District, the District of Columbia respondents would only pass the test 71 percent of the time.

South Dakota on the other hand has the worst teen drivers. 11 variables were examined, which included: teen fatalities, number of teen driver’s licenses issued and road quality statistics. South Dakota has over 46,000 teen drivers and scored 41.72 in the study conducted by data used from US News and World Report, making the state the worst state with teen drivers. Inexperience and the inability to maintain focus are major components, when it comes to teen drivers.

One cannot be surprised with Florida coming in as the state with the worst senior drivers, considering that it is thought as the state where people go to retire. It is estimated that by the year 2030, one quarter of all drivers carrying a license in that state will be over the age of 65 and according to a study conducted by TRIP, a national transportation research group, elderly drivers over the age of 65 are more likely to get killed in a car accident. Elder drivers reaction times and overall sense becomes weaker with age and therefore are more prone to being involved in motor vehicle crashes and automobile related deaths.

Tennessee was determined to be the state with the most distracted drivers. The National Safety Council found that 10.6 percent of all fatal crashes in Tennessee involved the use of a cell phone. That was determined to be ten times the average, nationwide.

Distracted driving involves the use of cell phones and other hand held devices while driving, the use of GPS systems and being distracted overall by dashboard navigation screens and various other entertainment systems inside ones vehicle. Distracted driving can also mean that a driver is either tired or hasn’t had enough sleep, therefore they are distracted when behind the wheel.

The state were one is most likely to die in a car crash was determined to be Montana. Per hundred million miles traveled, Montanans suffer an average of two fatalities per year, according to the 2012 US Census.